Most major oil & gas companies as well as large independents are in the process of implementing ERP landscapes. Unfortunately, the requirements of these landscapes grow more complicated over time and the industry is littered with false starts and restarts. Some companies have spent upwards of 50 million dollars, and are on their third or fourth iteration and still not fully deployed.

While most companies have taken appropriate steps hiring top tier consultants who are considered among the best at major ERP implementations, the incomplete track record across the industry speaks for itself.  The missing ingredient is a partner that can bridge between pure ERP consultants and the industry and understands key processes in the oilfield and implementing ERP for operators correctly. OFS Portal provides that missing ingredient. We partner with Operators to guide you on how best to implement eCommerce. We focus on the issues that are important to you.

When Buyers and Suppliers are aligned on the deployment of eCommerce, it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain. We are a key advocate and enabler of this alignment.

Collaboration occurs at the onset of the implementation, which can save tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in false starts and reworks.

Benefits for Operators


Implementing eCommerce with OFS Portal is cost effective because you implement one procurement model which encompasses the majority of your key oilfield Suppliers; opportunities for maverick spend within your company are reduced and once integrated to one of our Members, future integrations to other Members will be significantly streamlined.


We give you the power to support greater volumes with fewer errors combined, with time saved.  For a $1 billion company with $500 million of expenditures, savings can amount to $35 million in process efficiencies and $50 million per year in the cost of goods.  By providing spend visibility, OFS Portal’s approach has shown process improvement success, giving you the power to transact flawlessly.

The OFS Portal Price Book automates price validation, classification and spend analytics, and increases contract compliance, giving you full advantage of your eCommerce investment.


Deciphering, organizing and synthesizing procurement data has become a challenging goal for corporations. Hidden in the discord, lies information that can give you a true competitive advantage.  Our automation of P2P creates a layer of eCommerce transparency for both internal use and external partners, allowing for more accurate forecasting.  Excellence in spend management is not only vital to the competiveness of your company, it also allows you to leverage aggregated buying power.


OFS Portal’s legal framework between Suppliers, Networks and Operators is viewed as an industry best practice and protects the confidentiality of data for both buyers and sellers.

When Suppliers know their sensitive data will remain safe, the onboarding process is faster and more streamlined.  Secure transactions protect your business and offer the peace of mind to transact with confidence.


OFS Portal delivers premium supply chain knowledge to increase compliance and decrease risk.

OFS Portal has strong industry connections and a proven history of successfully cutting costs of eCommerce deployment for Operators.  Our mission is to increase eCommerce adoption across the global upstream industry, and we are more than 240+ Operator agreements strong to date.

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