OFS Portal understands the needs of Suppliers because the organization was created by many of the largest Suppliers to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry, as well as smaller counterparts. We focus on maximizing our Members’ business efficiencies.

Membership in OFS Portal powers your eCommerce platform, giving an economic advantage to Suppliers to scale their global footprint. We deliver premium supply chain knowledge for both internal use and external partners that can massively scale so you can grow and expand with confidence.

As an OFS Portal Member, your eCommerce transaction volume and accuracy increases, as does efficiency and transparency.  Implementing eCommerce with OFS Portal means no transaction fees and results in a proven reduction in day sales outstanding for Suppliers and in invoice accuracy for Operators.  Membership also gives you the ability to provide a Price Book that implements a single process to distribute your pricing data to your customers in an open standard format, resulting in reduced costs.

Benefits for Suppliers


Enjoy premium supply chain management for a fraction of the cost.  OFS Portal Member companies do not pay transaction fees when utilizing our approved eCommerce Networks, giving you total control over your supply chain expenses helping achieve long-term savings and efficiencies.


Implementing eCommerce results in a proven reduction in day sales outstanding for Suppliers and in invoice accuracy for Operators.


OFS Portal provides a common framework to implement eCommerce and makes it easier for an Operator to engage in business with you electronically.


OFS Portal’s legal framework between Suppliers, Networks and Operators is viewed as an industry best practice and protects the confidentiality of data for both buyers and sellers.  We enable strong, secure transactions to safeguard your business.


We deliver premium supply chain knowledge that increases compliance while decreasing risk. OFS Portal helps you improve business performance while decreasing the cost and effort of managing governance, risk and compliance processes.

OFS Portal’s role is to increase eCommerce adoption across the global Upstream Oil & Gas Industry and we have more than 240+ buyer agreements including supermajors and large independents across the globe.

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