Headquartered in Houston, OFS Portal, LLC is a member-based advocacy group promoting data protection and security for global supply chain in the oil and gas industry. OFS Portal delivers eCommerce expertise that makes a successful implementation a reality for both oil companies and oilfield service companies and works with global standards organizations to converge or develop open and non-proprietary eCommerce standards for use in the upstream sector.  For the oil companies in our community, OFS Portal’s services and expertise reduce the risks associated with implementing and operating eCommerce.

Membership is open to any oilfield supplier. If you are interested in learning more about our Membership, please contact us.

About the OFS Portal Community

Our community is made up of upstream oilfield service companies (OFS Portal Members) and oil companies utilizing open, non-proprietary Industry standards to manage electronic messaging, catalog requests and customized catalog distribution while preserving data integrity and confidentiality. Community companies utilize different aspects of our service offerings to best meet their objectives and needs, and can choose the combination of functionality that is best for them.

Oilfield service companies, working through OFS Portal to champion the use of Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX International) standards in upstream eCommerce exchanges and manage catalog content through secure, confidential channels, help shape the future growth and direction of this company.

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